We understand the responsibility we take in interacting with and exerting influence on different organizations and social groups. We interpret this responsibility as a long-term commitment to bring change for the better for our organization, for the organizations we work with and for the society as a whole. We have introduced practices for protecting the environment through recycling different consumables (printer toner, paper, glass bottles, plastic waste, etc.), measures for energy efficiency, as well as suitable social packages for the members of our team. We find it extremely satisfying to be of help to the community through our actions. Our team has taken part in a number of initiatives for environment protection. In addition, we carry out different activities for helping people in need and we support different community causes.

Bulgarian Consultancy Organization Ltd. is a member of the Managing Board of the Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria (CEIB). Through our membership in CEIB we would like to contribute to the development of all sectors of the Bulgarian economy with a view to creating a favorable economic environment, increasing the volume of investments in Bulgaria and creating new jobs.

Bulgarian Consultancy Organization Ltd. is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce. This membership provides yet another opportunity for us to take part in initiatives aimed at overcoming the challenges that Bulgarian companies face and providing opportunities for them to better integrate in the world economy.