We are a team of Bulgarian consultants with expertise in public policies, human interactions and different fields of the economy. The individual approach we apply to our clients is based on an in-depth analysis of the dynamics of the different organizations we work with as well as on the ambition to offer innovative solutions for their products and services aimed at helping them achieve sustainable competitive advantage and build viable organizations capable of achieving excellent results.

We work in a network of Bulgarian and foreign partners which allows us to offer flexible solutions and the most up-to-date models in the different fields of our professional expertise.

We are determined to bring change to our clients, our team and the society as a whole.

We are committed to:

  • Creating competitive advantage on the basis of tailor-made solutions;
  • Strengthen the capacity and mobilize the staff of organizations;
  • Enhance sustainable development;
  • Provide opportunities for personal development;
  • Achieving success on the basis of mutual trust and passion in everything we do;