IT System Integration

Our very own engineers have years of experience and profound knowledge on the complete aspect of information and communication infrastructure including, but not limited to: networking, computing, storage, virtualization and cloud.


We commit not to focus on a particular vendor, but to explore all technological options, examine all vendors and their pros and cons and only then to build the desired, robust and perfectly-fitting solution for your needs.

Our expertise in Cisco, Juniper, PaloAlto, Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Dell, EMC, Linux, Qnap products, gained by successfully designing and implementing many projects over the years, gives us the confidence that we will do things the right way for you, our customer.


Managed ICT Solutions

We offer managed ICT services, meaning you can transfer all or part of the day-to-day management responsibility for your information and communication environment (including Server and Storage hardware and  software, Virtualization platforms, LAN hardware and software, WAN hardware and software, voice network hardware and software, Corporate

applications and systems) and, in some cases, the ownership of the technology or personnel assets, to our management and technical team.

These services may include system operation or support, capacity planning, asset management, availability management, performance management, administration, security, remote monitoring, technical diagnostics/troubleshooting, configuration management, system repair management and generation of management reports.


Cloud Services

IT consultation for ASEAN launches Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) providing full capabilities in Cloud Virtual Machines lifecycle, including self-service provisioning, self-management of virtual resources, power-on, restart, guest shutdown, power-off, console access and these is happening via web browser.


Our virtual environment is built on various hypervisors by leading vendors, making it very suitable for software development companies, which would want to test their apps on different virtual hypervisors and operation systems.

And most important we charge per minute for virtual resource usage!